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The sad refrains

Elegiac strains

Music of the darkening

Edges of an age.

Long waves rolling

Endless, timeless,

Toward an unseen shore

- far distant,


And I

Wings extended

Coast the waves of air




For a place 

To land,

To rest, to settle,

Draw in wings

And dreams

And stand

In silent vigil

In peace,


In love



Another gale


Another storm comes

Whipping foam white

Wave caps

And buffeting aching


That still seek,

Still yearn.



I lie awake
in the burning dark of summer night,
bathed in sweat
and slowly melting into sleep.

And the dreambrother awakens from slumber,
ice blue and silver.
And, naked and weightless,

he rises from the bed

and steps through the glass and into the night air.

Passing over rooftops amongst bats and moths, over treetops and lamp posts 


You lie
in the ebony heat
restless and tossing
slowly submerging into your sensual ocean of quiet breathing.

And the dream sister awakens from darkness,
ice blue and silver.
And, nakedly beautiful,

she rises into the air
and soars beneath stars.

Passing over sand and streets, amid breezes and perfume, silent and scintillant
she searches.

And I watch from above the treetops
as you dance over the lake
slowly gracing the night-dark air, 

your silvered shadow a cool flame 

on the waters below you.

And I call in silence
and you turn in surprise and I rise.

Over the lake
in the limpid air
we embrace,
and soft dreamtongues
without language
wrestle poetry from moisture
as lips punctuate power and pulse.

We lie in the air
and breathe in each other 

over the lake
in the darkness

weightless in the gravity of passion.

And our sighs, moans and breaths 

ripple over the rippling surface of

deep water.

Holy daughter, dreamlover, wingless, weightless wonder, press upon me with quiet thunder.

Dreamlover, silent dancer, deathless, breathless singer,

pour upon me your hunger.

We embrace in the dark, light under stars,
dreaming ourselves awake, seeking our thirst to slake.


To Die in Benares

The sun hot today:
Setting, it slowly gives the mind back to itself.

And as the smoke leaves my nostrils
It curls away on the evening air: Heat within heat.

And I think of oblivion 

And I grieve for a love lost, 

almost won,

And lost again. Fear.

And the cities of the West long for oblivion
And I long for Varanasi, Benares 

The abode of Shiva, the creator and destroyer

The mocker of love and the patron of love.

And she who infects my mind like a fever

Lives frozen and alone 

Surrounded by the riches of the West

But she does not know and will not step forward to seek and receive the Pyre of love that awaits :

She is unconcerned.

And the sun sinks into the crimson sea

And the heat of day becomes the heat of night
And on this warm beach I walk and talk to her:

Saying goodbye before hello
For I know
She will never come will never see

The world laid out before her like a carpet 

stained with blood and semen.
Like a shawl draped with tears

Worn on a warm night In a dying world.

She waits and I will not.

For to die in Benares Or Sind
To breathe the stench and perfume of this Ancient world

Is to know truth: 

Love is rare

And we must dare if we would claim it.

The West craves oblivion: 

the rich wish to be poor, crave simplicity;
and the poor crave the rich, seek sophistication.

And all is vanity.

Except love 

and dying in time.

And the sitar and the smoke though fleeting 

Are more real this night than she.

She who will never Know
What truth abides

In the weeping heart 

And the dying fall.

April 5, 2001


you threw out a big big hook

and you reeled me in

and i lay there in the blinding sun

thrashing around and gasping

for water

and now i just want 

you to pull the hook out

of my mouth

throw me back

let me sink deep

into the dark silence

and hide in the weeds

in the depths

in the silence far

June 24 2016

Song of the Spirit

A formless warrior

nothing accretes

Passing cleanly through the gates of the sky.

Reborn in each moment

new born

vision whole

mind clear

perceiving the perfection of the jewel.

A formless warrior

nothing accretes

moving like the wind

invisible over the moist earth

moving but holding naught.

Who shall be

until the sky fall

or the waves of the blue sea

wash over the forests of the living world.



Lord of the Winds, I pray Thee

   carry our words on the breath of space

as wings ride on planes of air

let echoes speeding toward Thee race.

O Lord of Form, re-lead us

our whirlings praise Thy sweet soft song

let not our hearts cage all inside

but on freedom’s wings grow ever-bright, long.

O Lord of Life within we

dream-rapt spaces in life-light lie

thoughts cast whispers

and answers quest

minds fuse in - a single cry.

O Lord, All-Lord, Infinity

in peace we ask for the flight of love

may our work for ever never cease

till the cry below flies high above.