artwork & words
by Duncan C. Mason

art & artistry & philosophy & inspiration & whimsy & wonder & nature

Essentially, these are more Zen stories; however, I chose to focus on Budai. Once I got started the stories started morphing into other things.  Eventually, I hope to re-do all of the Netsuke Zen stories in this digital format - though the styles vary through more and less realistic styles.

Eternal Laughter

The third one - for Christmas


Eternal Laughter 2

This was the first one where I deviated from the tradition; however, I had been reading Osho and Krishnamurti and read Osho's comments about his feelings toward Krishnamurti. Things just developed from there - I think the two masters would have approved of this little tale 

about expectations, and silence.


Eternal Laughter 1

This is the first and most traditional of the set. 

Most of my understanding of zen comes from Osho's books and 

Zen Training by Katsuki Sekida. 

All of the Netsuke series come from reading traditional zen tales.