artwork & words
by Duncan C. Mason

art & artistry & philosophy & inspiration & whimsy & wonder & nature

"For the night is fragrant with stars..."

The Green Man is by now a well-known archetype.

I have a number of works of poetry, prose and images based on him

(including my "logo" at the bottom of every page on this site).

He is an archetype of profound importance to our times.

The thing is, you seldom hear of the Green Woman.

And so... to right that dreadful wrong, here she is (in all her leafy glory).

Ivy Ivy - one of the Ivy sisters

digital drawings with photos

Three of the Ivy sisters: Ivy, Hazel & Holly.

Willow Ivy (the mature one)

Green Goons

The Gurney Brothers.

Green Man One Man Band(s)

With apologies to Uncle Sam,

Mother Earth recruitment poster

(digital drawings)